Sunday, February 17, 2019

Helping hands

Fanfiction based on Knight Rider [1983]
I own zero rights to any names or characters used

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“Micheal if you had wanted something more dexterous as a partner, you should have waken up from your coma during my pre manufacturing meetings.”
“OK wise guy, I would have just liked better help from something that could fit in the mine shaft.”
“Well I wasn't the one who was playing wild cards and jokers with the- Incoming. Call from Devon.”
Michael sighed and rolled his eyes, he shifted in his seat of of his sore leg. “Answer it.”
“You decided to skip town after collapsing their entire mine I see.”
“Hello to you too.”
“Please, get back to FLAG, we need to discuss this.” The screen went blank.
“Goodbye!” Michael twittered.
“Your farewell was not received, transmission was cut-”
“I know.”


KITT sat in his garage bay, reading and running some equations. But no matter how much RAM he devoted to these tasks, a little quip from earlier took up most of his processors.
'If you where a real partner, I wouldn't have broken my thigh.'
Now Michael did apologize, in his own way of course, but that didn't stop the words from writing into KITT's data banks. Their was no denying that in all senses put physical KITT was an attentive and responsible sidekick to Michael. But he really could have saved Micheals, and noted to Michael, bruised thigh muscle.
KITT busied himself on the impossible, grow legs and become a human, however impractical. Flicking through his databanks he found a article, MIT and fresh off of a grad student. Robotics where not necessarily F.L.A.G.'s strong suit but maybe he could research into a sort of drone to catch Michael if he falls.
Yes he'd install a golden pillow just for that.


“Well KITT I guess it's a night on our own.”
Michael pulled off to the side of the vast empty back road, it was dark, but the wind had a warm edge. No cars would pass, no houses for miles, it was camping at it's finest if you had a tent.
“Before I recline the seat may I suggest-”
“No I don't have to take a piss KITT.”
“You know that I would never direct you to unload a bladder at only 45% capacity. I was-”
“Stop that you creep.”
“It is only my job, Michael.”
Michael huffed and went to turn off KITTS engine, the vehicle refused.
“Michael I wish to show you something.”
The man in the driver seat put his head on the steering wheel.
“KITT you already explained that if we stop at the next motel it would warn the locals that a stranger is in town and that if we drive all night we would be there way to early even if we went slow, so what could you possibly want to show me.”
“Well if your going to be rude about it-”
“Fine, get out.”
KITT swung his door open. Michael sighed and stepped out.
“Please make your way to my rear.”
“You got a bumper sticker, didn't you, young man. Now what did me and Bonnie say about that nonsense, not until you reach alpha.”
“Bumper stickers are illogical, this however, is certainly bound to actually come in handy.”
Just as Michael was about to retort, the trunk of the pontiac popped open.
“Oh no, KITT what have you done.”
“And here I thought you would have been proud of me for listening to you.”
“KITT it's so-”
“I might have gotten carried away with the details. Here let me give you a demonstration.”
With a screaming dial up noise, KITT the car when quiet. He stepped out of his own trunk.
“Quite a different angle to see you at Michael, have you put on weight?”
Michael Knight was speechless for the first time since he could move his jaw.
“KITT, you- you-”
“Before you say anything I thought that I would mention that I based several key components of my new look on someone of whom I admired, unfortunately you had to steal some of them off of the face of Wilton Knight first.”
“Before I say anything.”
Micheal looked at KITT, he awkwardly but gently a put a hand on KITT's shoulder.
“Does Bonnie or Devon know about-” He gestured KITT up and down “This?”
“Not a clue.”

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