Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Quiet Drive

A commission for @MerciResolution



The Trans Am was quite, enjoying some down time between missions. But something about this town by the bay, where the mission left KITT and Michael until the next, was on his processors. And it wouldn't dump no matter how hard he tried.

Rolling off, he decided a small midnight drive would help clear his processors.

The cool concrete of the steep roads felt nice to cruise. Not having an objective felt relaxing, he could go wherever he wanted. The time of night meant no one would notice the lack of driver. The quiet empty streets where serine and comfortable.

He felt like he was going to the ends of town, but noticed himself pass the same firehouse over and over.

It was familiar and the memories sweet. Yet Brought the thoughts he was trying to remove back to his memory.

The mission that day had been long. The hot shot racer had done nothing but be oblivious and in the way, this attitude almost annoyed the AI. But since that mission the hot shot had stayed in KITT’s mind. Once he had searched and found this address as their home, and once was all it took to memorize the location. Finally his wheels felt a little tired, and without the want to go back across town he crept to the firehouse. At least he knew someone one in town, he felt less conspicuous here than anywhere else, at least he knew someone.

Getting closer he saw them, smooth curves and shining white. The racer was just as he had remembered, almost better in person.

Suddenly, the street filled with the sound of beeping and revving.

The little white beetle sprung to life at his first glimpse of KITT. The beeping persisted as the beetle rolled closer to KITT and nearly touched his bumper to the Trans Am’s.

“Hello, Herbie.” KITT felt his RAM fill and his CPU start to grow hot as the little car came closer. Herbie beeped a long and almost dreamy note, happy to see the spy car he had come to know near that race last year. “You look freshly waxed, you must have a race soon, I will leave you to rest up for it.”

KITT went to back up but the little car rolled forward, the two cars bumpers meeting with a small ding.

KITT felt his CPU almost melt from the sudden heat, and his RAM freeze.

Bumpers still touching, Herbie beeped and backed up. Enticing the Trans Am to spend the night on the quiet little curb. KITT could only follow the race car to the curb. Settling down for a sweet quiet night with the little car who had been on his mind.

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