Welcome to my Reference model page!

looking for a reference of a conman object in but can't find the right angle? Looking for a way to see how light sources work on a model? Can you find models but need special software to open them?

Well here at Burnt Bar and Grill, I hope I have an answer!

Listed below is my list of hand made 3d models of basic objects that is ever expanding, each object is in the OBJ format, so it can open in Blender, Maya, Photoshop, Paint 3d, and more! All files are hosted in google drive but you can download weather or not you have an account!

Please if you use one of my models credit me, they are free to use but it's appreciated if you want to make a donation or subscribe to my Patreon to help me make more!


-Ice creme cone
empty Download
full Download

- Mug

- Milk Carton- Closed


- Top Hat

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